Traditional products

Traditional and local products Milos, Spoon sweets and sweet watermelon, or fragrant karpouzopita traditional sweet pie with watermelon, and sweet candy of crumb sweet gourd with honey and almonds. Sweet candy serves on the weddings and engagements from the mother of the bride. Honey symbolizes a sweet life for the couple, while almonds fertility.

The pies are these flavors of the tradition of the island must try the pies, stuffed xerotyri or cheese with mint, sweet and savory homemade flavors of traditional... Milos will find products of local sausages, local cheeses, like xerotyri the xinomyzithra and touloumotyri, prepared with great care in the traditional way, honey, delicious tomato paste production from tomatoes, capers, rustic Barley and Wheat breads nuts, thyme honey, which is considered among the best, capers, pottery, since the island has a long tradition in ceramics, produces exquisite wines, figs, delicious melons, pumpkins and watermelons.

The island is rich in grocery full of melon fields. The whole island is a rich grocery store with fresh string beans, sage, rosemary, bulbs, lentisk, capers, oregano, olives, lifonakia, tomatoes and many more. All these food items can be bought from agricultural cooperatives, but also shops selling traditional products.