In Milos the first weekend of July, the Municipality of Milos organizes cultural events in the annual Festival of Milos. During the summer, made more than 20 festivals , which offers traditional dishes of Milos and local wine of Milos.

Water Sports in Milos Scuba Diving, Wind Surfing, Kite Boarding, Kayaking in Milos Island .

If you decide to take a vacation in Milos, you can participate in the many activities. We have organized many activities and water sports at Milos beaches for our tourist.

SCUBA DIVING IN MILOS: Admire the wild beauty of the deep blue waters and explore the bottom of the sea by scuba diving in Milos. Discover hidden secrets, explore unknown places...

WINDSURFING IN MILOS: Combine the Aegean Sea and excellent weather conditions of Milos Island and you get the ideal spot for your favorite water sport! Enjoy windsurfing in Milos!

CAI BOARD IN MILOS: Get acquainted with the new water sports fad called cai board and eel the freedom of flying over the Aegean Sea and the island of Milos...

CANOE-KAYAK IN MILOS: More and more visitors of Milos are becoming lovers of this water sport. The adventurous will find deal weather conditions and idyllic locations for canoe-kayaking in Milos Island, Greece.